09/30/2020 Walter Ricketts

A Guide to Investing in Physical Gold

Investing in gold is an ideal way to become more profitable. The value of this precious mineral keeps going up each year. You can trade in physical gold, which is quite profitable. Examples of physical gold investments include bullion, gold jewelry, gold coins and vaulted gold.

You can convert part of your existing retirement account into gold coins or bars as protections against economic uncertainties. This is what is referred to as a gold rollover. Look for a company with the best gold IRA rollover to have an easy time in this particular trade. If you are new to trading in physical gold, you may doubt the price of gold. This is normal since gold does not have a single price. Rather, we can say that there are multiple gold prices:

  • The international spot price
  • The LBMA price
  • The local price in important markets like India or China
  • The selling price of physical gold

gold investmentThe sale price of physical gold is the price of gold once it has been converted into coins or bullion and marketed to retailers. To invest in physical gold, we are interested in the international spot price and the sale price of physical gold. The spot price represents the dollar price of 1 ounce of gold for immediate delivery. You should also look for proper ways to store your gold.

Storing Gold

Investing in physical gold does not end with its acquisition. Just as securities traded in markets must be stored in an investment account, gold must be kept in a suitable space with conservation and security guarantees. In this sense, there are three possibilities:

Storing at Home

If you are one of those who want to minimize the separation levels between you and gold, this is your option. In this case, remember to check the conditions of your home insurance for compensation in case of theft.

gold bullionsRenting a Bank Safe

The second option is a bit safer than the first. However, the costs of renting a bank safe vary greatly depending on the entity and can be exorbitant in some cases. Look for a bank with the best rates to avoid spending more.

Hire a Company Specialized in the Custody of Gold

In addition to selling coins and bullion, there are many gold distributors that offer their customers custody of them. The main advantage is that the custody price is usually lower than bank safes. If you choose this option, you should study the entity well and verify that the company has a good reputation. And remember, always diversify the institutions you work with.