Reason to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that has steadily grown and attracted many investors over the past few years. Bitcoin was developed under well-thought objectives and goals, a reason why it has remained top of the cryptocurrencies list. Although different people and bodies give different opinions about bitcoin, the fact still remains that this virtual currency is way better than any other mode of transacting.

There are lots of innumerable reasons why this cryptocurrency is exceptionally flourishing and here to stay.

Global Acceptability

As already mentioned above, the number of people downloading the bitcoin wallet program and using it to transact online increases each year. Surprisingly, this virtual currency is now very popular, even in emerging markets. Nowadays, it is easier and cheaper to transact online with bitcoin than with any other payment medium.

bitcoin investment

Highly Compatible and Accessible

As long as you have internet access, you can transact using bitcoins anywhere and with common digital devices such as mobile phones and computers. People who argue that even other payment means have adopted digital transactions forget that bitcoin is doing it with no additional fees.

Easy to use

There are no complicated systems or procedures needed to access and transact with this virtual currency. With their cash app, you can easily maneuver through the interface and make a transaction within a few minutes.

Very Secure

Bitcoin uses block chain technology, and hence there is no central body regulating it as seen in many traditional payment methods. Despite critics on this aspect, this technology has proved to be highly secure for bitcoin users. Since no personal information is available to users, you can be assured that security threats are greatly minimized.

bitcoin investor

Great Support by Governments

Although no government controls this virtual currency, many governments have allowed their people to use it. Most of the above features have convinced many governments that bitcoin is the perfect payment mode of the day. You will have peace of mind using a currency with no legal constraints.

Don’t just assume that bitcoin is a new payment method as it has already proved with these and other reasons that it is a worthy investment. Its value and acceptability are increasing each day, and you cannot afford to overlook the revolutionize it is causing in the financial industry. If you are in business, now is the best time to invest in this globally acceptable cryptocurrency!

Key Things to Know Before Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the most-talked-about phenomena in economic circles since its inception in 2009. Due to the growth in popularity and legitimacy, like many other people, you may be considering getting into it. However, it would not be prudent to dip your feet into the growing industry when not yet well informed, more so on the possible challenges you can face.

Let’s look at a few things you should know before buying your first Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Is Decentralized

bitcoin is decentralizedThe most prominent feature of Bitcoin is its decentralized nature. While specific authorities own the fiat currencies, there is no single authority that owns Bitcoin. The feature presents some advantages but also some complications too. The biggest challenge is that you are solely responsible for anything that happens with your Bitcoin. In the possible scenario, you get scammed or hacked, and you lose your Bitcoin, you have no one to correct it with or complain to, and rectify the anomaly. As such, you have to be careful before starting to buy and trade the cryptocurrency. You must be extra cautious about every single transaction.

Bitcoin’s Price Is Volatile

volatility of bitcoin priceMost probably, you are already aware of this quality of Bitcoin. From its inception, Bitcoin has proven every day that it is a very volatile asset. You cannot be sure what Bitcoin price will be in a short moment because it changes rapidly and unpredictably, at times, in a very short time. The price is dictated by the market forces of demand and supply.
Bitcoin’s price can skyrocket, and then in a few hours, or days, dip drastically. A good case in point is the events of December in 2017. The price of this prominent cryptocurrency rose to over $19,000.However, within a week, the price had dropped to less than $12,000.

Not All Places Accept Bitcoin

bitcoin not accepted everywhereYou need to hear and understand this- you cannot use Bitcoin to pay everywhere. Some businesses, including leading e-commerce sites like the giant Amazon, are yet to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. The good news is that some shops and vendors are starting to embrace the currency, but you should be aware you still have limited options. Therefore, have this understanding before putting your life savings in Bitcoin, especially if you are interested in the currency as a means of trading.